Chipping Area opens Monday April 19th

This area will open with a temporary landing area with target flags.

The green will remain closed due to some needed maintenance.

Maximum 4 people at any one time due to Covid limits.

See requirements and conditions of use below!

Chipping Area Bonus Offer

(with a minimum $9.50 range basket purchase per each person required)

 Each person must purchase a range basket! (small basket minimum) without splitting it with another person! 

i.e. 2 people want to use chipping green..2 range baskets must have been purchased (any size will do). 

Please no exceptions! Otherwise 2nd person pays $5.00 for use.


Chipping Green Conditions of Use:

  •  You must have your own set of clubs

  • For short game inclusion, each person must purchase a range basket prior to use please.

  • Minimum age 14 years + ONLY

       (Mats are open to ALL AGES!)

  • Absolutely no range balls allowed in the chipping area! 

  • You must use your own balls!!

  • Capacity limits



 1 Small                           8.41  (47balls)

 1 Large                         11.50  (85 balls) 

 1 Jumbo                       14.16  (125 balls)

 5 Large                         50.88   save $7.50

10 Large                        92.92   save $25

20 Large                      177.00   save $60

* SMALL & JUMBO baskets are offered in 5/10/20/30 baskets as well with great savings!

   Please inquire at the proshop.

CHIPPING GREEN/           4.42


(age requirement 14 yrs+, clubs required)

CLUB RENTAL                  2.00 & up  per club tax included       

 drivers, woods, irons only 

 (broken clubs are subject to $7.00+ replacement charge)

  • lost prepaid cards are not refundable/replaceable

  • prices are subject to change without notice

  • during inclement weather no rainchecks or refunds will be provided

 (please be mindful of weather forecast before your visit)




large basket = 70-75 balls x 3 baskets = 225 balls or less ($15 - $17 per basket)



jumbo basket = 125 balls x 2 baskets = 250 balls ($16 per basket)

large basket = 85 balls x 3 baskets = 255 balls ($13 per basket)


We offer exceptional savings for schools

(class trips, physical education class).  

Contact us for more information!

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