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Golf can be a frustrating sport.  Trust me from experience.  But with the right fundamental approach it doesn't have to be!  What's the single most common mistake of those starting to learn the game?  (other than blaming the club ; ) ... most try to learn and teach themselves.  Yes, some take instruction or advice from others...perhaps a friend who's had some experience with the game.  Sure the internet has tons of instructional videos...but videos won't give you feedback or correct you on the spot when swings goes wrong!  Can you self-analyze your mistake and correct yourself properly?  My 30 years+ experience in golf tells!  Learning and understanding the ever so important golf fundamentals is crucial... grip, posture, stance, takeaway, swing, ball contact, follow through, finish, short game chipping and putting, golf etiquette.

Proper guidance from the start with a few lessons will be tremendously beneficial in the long run if you are planning to take up the game more seriously and have success!  Don't get started with bad habits...we all know habits are difficult to change!

For information on quality instruction, affordable lessons, flexible scheduling please inquire with our proshop for their contact information.

Our instructors are here to help.  Lessons are booked directly with our instructor(s).

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